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Desktop vs Browser not just another Thick vs Thin Client debate?

We are increasingly moving toward computer architectures where software is virtualised in some way. It may not be held in a server room we can physically see and access, but somewhere out there, provided by a cloud services such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

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The Future of Content Streaming

Everybody has a view on streaming, and OTT, and content to mobiles, and generally fulfilling the vision of what the consumer wants, when they want it, where they want it.

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The new media landscape

Audiences love streamed content. According to Statista, the worldwide number of transactional video on demand users worldwide is 258 million in 2018, with the prediction that it will reach almost 317 million by 2022.

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What do we mean by “Broadcast Management”?

“Broadcast management” is a term often used but not always fully understood. Its broad nature can often lead to confusion and time wasted in discovery of what is actually required as a solution. Add to this the disrupted nature of the content delivery market place, with many players not coming from a traditional broadcast TV … Continued

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Secondary Events: Interactivity to Contextual Overlays

In an era when consumers can get the content they want from broadcasters, from online content aggregators like Netflix and Amazon, direct from production companies, from new entrants with the muscle to change the market (like Apple) and, frankly, from various degrees of piracy, everyone is looking to maintain revenues to survive. The general agreement … Continued

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Selling Secondary Events

There is a channel in the UK called ITV2. As its name suggests, it is part of the ITV network, the largest commercial broadcaster in the country, and as one of its secondary channels is afforded the opportunity to re-use content in syndication. A striking feature about ITV2 is its station idents. These consist of … Continued

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What are Secondary Events?

A television channel used to be a fairly simple affair: A presentation director, supported by a team of operators and runners, kept a stack of VTRs (Video Tape Recorders) fed. In turn the operator would cue and take a programme part, then some commercials, maybe a trailer or two, then another programme part. There might … Continued

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Raising Pulses in Asia: New Business for MSA Focus

During the spring of 2017 MSA Focus embarked on a highly successful Asian Roadshow, which saw representatives from MSA Focus tour the Asia-Pacific region providing a series of introductory demonstrations of their next generation broadcast management solution: ForeTV Pulse. As reported at the time, ForeTV Pulse was very well received and a number of more … Continued

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The Cost Of Buying Sports Rights And The Need For Protection

£8.3 billion. That’s how much Sky and BT, two giants of the domestic broadcast world, paid to the Premier League for television rights for the next three years. On the face of it, this appears to be an extortionate figure but the opportunity to grab exclusive, territorial access to those rights is just too great … Continued

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