It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say that television of today is different to television of half a century ago. This is not only limited of course to the way we consume media but also the evolution of broadcasting channels over the years and the sheer number they have since grown to.

A basic freeview package in the UK offers 70 channels, while Sky has over 600 to choose from. We’ve come a long way since BBC 1 was launched on November 2nd 1936, broadcasting from a converted wing of the Alexandria Palace in London.

Below we’ve taken a look at channel development in the UK market over the past 80 years and how the rate of growth has changed in that time.












With well over a hundred new channels launched in the past decade, broadcast management has had to evolve to meet this demand. MSA Focus’ ForeTV is the product of this constant iteration, providing the all in one platform designed to handle all aspects of the transmission timeline and content cycle.

From the increased focus on advanced EPG & listing capabilities to the diverse advertising output across a wider range of channel types, channel growth adds a significant demand on management technology. Our ambition and dedication is to move with this change, meet the expectations of an ever lengthening channel set and deliver for our clients.

For more information on ForeTV and how MSA Focus can help you achieve your unique goals, please get in touch.



Channels in the UK: A Brief History
Article Name
Channels in the UK: A Brief History
The number and development of broadcast channels in the UK have evolved dramatically over the past century. But how has the rate of growth changed over time?
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MSA Focus
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