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MSA Focus provide an all-in-one broadcast management solution.

MSA Focus provide an all-in-one broadcast management solution, dedicated to handling all aspects of the content lifecycle.

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Secondary Events: Interactivity to Contextual Overlays

In an era when consumers can get the content they want from broadcasters, from online content aggregators like Netflix and Amazon, direct from production companies, from new entrants with the muscle to change the market (like Apple) and, frankly, from various degrees of piracy, everyone is looking to maintain revenues to survive. The general agreement … Continued

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Selling Secondary Events

There is a channel in the UK called ITV2. As its name suggests, it is part of the ITV network, the largest commercial broadcaster in the country, and as one of its secondary channels is afforded the opportunity to re-use content in syndication. A striking feature about ITV2 is its station idents. These consist of … Continued

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What are Secondary Events?

A television channel used to be a fairly simple affair: A presentation director, supported by a team of operators and runners, kept a stack of VTRs (Video Tape Recorders) fed. In turn the operator would cue and take a programme part, then some commercials, maybe a trailer or two, then another programme part. There might … Continued

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VOD is key:

Multi-platform VOD and time-shift viewing are now central to the success of any programming or content delivery business.


Whether on-demand and catch-up from traditional channels and broadcasters or dedicated digital and VOD only services – ForeTV Pulse has the functions and capabilities to easily manage and prepare your content availability.

Video On Demand


MSA Focus provide an all-in-one broadcast management system, dedicated to handling all aspects of the content lifecycle


An all-in-one scalable broadcast management platform

Providing efficient, integrated management applications to all organisations requiring sophisticated media management solutions.