MSA Focus continues to cement its position at the heart of global sports broadcasting, as ForeTV Pulse is selected by Optus, Australia’s second largest telecommunications company, to underpin channel management services for its Optus Sports offering.

Optus were looking to take more control over the provision of their primary sports channel, Optus Sports 1, and gain greater flexibility in the creation and scheduling of their five further pop-up and ad-hoc sports channels. In addition to this, Optus made it clear that they have more long-term ambitions to evolve and grow their content provision services and so also needed a system that had the feature set, extensibility and capacity to grow with them.

The rich and adaptable feature set provided by ForeTV Pulse offered Optus the flexibility and immediate ease-of-use that they required to move forward quickly. While also providing the ability to accommodate any future plans to add and manage further Channels, Content Types, VOD offerings and Ad-Sales opportunities as and when they arise.

This combined with MSA Focus’ experience with similar projects, understanding of the requirements and pressures of high-quality sports broadcasting and ability to support and advise Optus as they evolve their content provision services, ultimately made ForeTV Pulse an obvious and easy choice.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to partner with Optus as they evolve their sports programming services. Optus have shown themselves to be a bold and forward-thinking organisation and we very much look forward to growing and consolidating this relationship as their requirements evolve and expand. “

Nicola Sturgess, Head of Projects & Implementations


ForeTV Pulse is an “end-to-end” integrated and scalable broadcast management solution, providing a comprehensive technological solution for multi-platform content delivery, sales and inventory management. Alongside the same great functionality, reliability and ease of integration that ForeTV has come to represent, ForeTV Pulse offers a range of enhancements including:

  • Advanced VOD capabilities
  • Seamless integration through Planning, Sales and Presentation
  • Late change notifications
  • Enhanced Usability
  • More Customisable views and functionality
  • More Streamlined workflow
  • Integrated BI reporting
  • Clean, modern UI


Optus “opt in” to ForeTV Pulse
Article Name
Optus “opt in” to ForeTV Pulse
Optus, Australia's second largest telecommunications company, has selected ForeTV Pulse to underpin channel management services for its Optus Sports division.
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MSA Focus
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