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Content Management, Integration & Streaming – same story different systems?

Broadcast and content management systems have always been about making businesses more effective; validating data and processes, establishing clear workflows, promoting decision making based on accurate, relevant information and interfacing with third party and legacy systems to help facilitate this. As the shift from traditional broadcasting methods towards more advanced, technology-driven approaches and cloud-based solutions … Continued

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Is now the time for traditional broadcasters to take back their audience and restore advertising revenue?

The surge in sVOD services seems to have reached saturation point, subscriptions are stalling (if not declining), subscriber churn is high and to top it all off the main players are also introducing (limited!) advertising – and who wants to pay to watch adverts? Broadcasters have been investing heavily in OTT streaming services; securing new … Continued

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Broadcasters vs Social Media: Progressive partners or uneasy bedfellows?

Content owners and broadcasters have long seen, and successfully used, social media as a place to promote TV shows and engage potential viewers. However, they are now partnering with social media platforms in more innovative ways to both attract new viewers and generate revenue. It’s widely recognised that social media platforms can be a perfect … Continued

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Despite it’s low profile, Management Science Associates (MSA) makes a big impact across many industries. Data is all around us, driving decision-making processes everywhere from your child’s school to your favorite sports team’s locker room. The number of bytes of data produced everyday is estimated to be in the quintillions, and this information is used … Continued

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Another win for MSA Focus as long-term partner continues relationship with upgrade and new development.

A leading Hong Kong based media and entertainment provider, and long term MSA Focus partner, has once again placed its trust in MSA Focus software solutions by recently inking a deal to upgrade to ForeTV Pulse, the current generation of MSA Focus’ award winning Broadcast Management Solution. Driven by a requirement to improve efficiency and … Continued

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Targeted Personalized Ads – are they coming as FAST as they should?

As broadcast TV endures a quest for reinvention and transformation, the streaming revolution keeps on trucking – taking all our eyeballs along for the ride. The freedom to watch anywhere, anytime, on anything has become a foundation of the way we consume video content in the modern world. And as traditional broadcasters launch their own … Continued

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Fast Channels: The new linear, the missing link, the broadcasters saviour, or just the latest fad?

The fact that publishers and broadcasters are gravitating towards FAST or “Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television”, should not come as any surprise: Content distribution is more fragmented than ever, audiences are overrun with choice and the current pressure on household finances is putting the squeeze on subscription-based services (including traditional cable packages) – monthly costs are … Continued

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Connecting linear and digital management teams through data synchronicity.

With the continued rise of, and appetite for VOD and streaming services, traditional broadcasters are under great pressure to stay ahead of the curve, or at the very least to deliver a service that meets consumer expectations. As such it is incumbent on broadcasters to provide a diverse catalogue of viewing options that include linear … Continued

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Astro conclude the Pulse is strong with MSA Focus

MSA Focus is delighted to announce that it has once again been selected by Malaysia-based satellite broadcaster Astro, in a major new deal to supply its next generation broadcast management solution ForeTV Pulse. As Astro began to plot its course for the future, with expansion, consolidation of workflow and a renewed focus on VOD services … Continued

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