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What are Secondary Events?

A television channel used to be a fairly simple affair: A presentation director, supported by a team of operators and runners, kept a stack of VTRs (Video Tape Recorders) fed. In turn the operator would cue and take a programme part, then some commercials, maybe a trailer or two, then another programme part. There might … Continued

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Raising Pulses in Asia: New Business for MSA Focus

During the spring of 2017 MSA Focus embarked on a highly successful Asian Roadshow, which saw representatives from MSA Focus tour the Asia-Pacific region providing a series of introductory demonstrations of their next generation broadcast management solution: ForeTV Pulse. As reported at the time, ForeTV Pulse was very well received and a number of more … Continued

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The Cost Of Buying Sports Rights And The Need For Protection

£8.3 billion. That’s how much Sky and BT, two giants of the domestic broadcast world, paid to the Premier League for television rights for the next three years. On the face of it, this appears to be an extortionate figure but the opportunity to grab exclusive, territorial access to those rights is just too great … Continued

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Management of Cinematic Rights

If you want to get a snapshot of just how complex an issue this is, try googling film rights for television. The first page or so largely points you to advanced guides for accountants. It might help to think through how movies recover their sometimes colossal production costs. They are made for cinemas, and that … Continued

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The World of Television

MSA Focus is proudly based in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. As an international business, the company could have its headquarters anywhere. And, to an outside observer, Cardiff might seem like a strange choice for a media company. But Cardiff is actually a major media hub, and has been for a long while. The British … Continued

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Buy now or pay later?

The last time I contributed a blog to these pages, it was about cyber security. I said then that everyone – software developers and broadcast users – needed to think very carefully about it. I will return to this subject in a few moments. You really do not need me to tell you that the … Continued

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Cyber-security, a whole new science

When I was a student, back in the dark ages, I remember the very first thing I was taught in the very first lecture on recording classical music. The maxim was “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. What the lecturer (the late lamented John Borwick) meant was that you needed to … Continued

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Up the Amazon?

The way we watch television has shifted fundamentally. When we only had three or four channels, we sat down obediently and watched what they gave us. Today we not only have hundreds of channels at our fingertips, we have the means to record programmes in full quality on disk drives in our set-top boxes. And, … Continued

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Rise of the machines

Earlier this year, at a special tournament in a casino in Pittsburg, four of the world’s top poker players took on a computer called Libratus. The artificial intelligence system was developed by Tuomas Sandholm, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, along with his PhD student Noam Brown. Computers had been extremely successful at … Continued

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