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Young People Are Watching Less TV But Live Events Are As Popular As Ever

In years gone by, families would gather around the television set to watch their favourite programmes together, but those days have been and gone. The rise of on-demand services, such as BBC iPlayer and 4oD, have put an end to the need for everybody to watch shows at the same time. This has had an … Continued

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Paying for on-demand content: SVoD and TVoD

In the brave new connected world, we sometimes get so carried away by what the technology allows us to do that we forget the basics: What we are trying to achieve in the first place, and the underlying economics that allow us to do it. So let me trot out one of the oldest clichés … Continued

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How is on demand on demand?

I hate to blow my own trumpet, but I am pretty sure I coined the phrase that the consumer ideal is “the content they want to watch, where they want to watch it, when they want to watch it”. I certainly wrote it a lot 15 or more years ago, and it seemed to stick. … Continued

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Pulse Extensions: Real time data at your fingertips for more collaborative client relationships

Wouldn’t it be nice if your sales team could sell remotely? If they had “in the field” access to the latest schedules with informative EPG, airtime inventory status and buying rates allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time data during negotiations. If they had the ability to directly create proposals and place orders … Continued

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When did video on demand start?

Audiences have always had a desire to watch programmes when they like, despite the best endeavours of broadcast schedulers to give them the right content at the right time. So when – and how – did video on demand start? The first move, of course, was the home video recorder, which first made it onto … Continued

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Bikes, Boots & Boats: Race the Sun Report

On Saturday 24th June 2017 an intrepid team from MSA Focus participated in this year’s Race the Sun in support of the children’s charity Action Medical Research, dedicated to improving the health of babies and children. The day of the event had finally arrived, with Team MSA Focus (Tony Rees, Martin Long, Mathew Dymond and … Continued

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Cloud Services: A Positive Shift Across The Industry

Cloud services and cloud computing have been helping to transform and adapt media and technology ideas for quite some time. In fact, early cloud services date back as far as the 1950s, however a seismic shift has occurred in recent years. Nowadays, cloud computing is everywhere – the change was both quick and fundamental, and … Continued

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Early Adoption puts finger on the Pulse for Siminn

Following a series of successful workshops over the course of the last nine months, several existing and prospective clients are looking at early adoption of ForeTV Pulse: The latest generation of MSA Focus’ class leading Broadcast Management Solution, ForeTV; with long-standing MSA Focus customers and ForeTV users, Icelandic TV network Siminn, already signed up and … Continued

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Why is TV scheduling important?

Before tackling the question why is TV scheduling important, we should take a step back. The first question to be answered is: what is a TV channel? A television channel is a brand. To take just one definition from the many marketing gurus on the web, a brand “is your promise to your customer. It … Continued

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