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IBC 2017: A new direction for MSA Focus

Well, another year goes by, and once again IBC has proven to be a trade show of shifting dynamics. Some months ago, MSA Focus published articles, explaining why we would not be taking floor space during the 2017 show  – a decision that proved to be absolutely the correct one for us. As discussed previously, … Continued

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The challenges of Sport Broadcasting

Broadcasting live sport events in 2017 is nothing like it was two decades or so ago. You can’t seem to get through a football match or rugby fixture without being fed live odds during the interval, latest score updates and highlights from other matches. And on top of this there are the multitude of live … Continued

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The complexity and cost of buying sports rights: Is it sustainable?

Broadcast and media rights in sport are now more complicated than ever before. Despite a major influx of millennials heading over to Netflix and Amazon for their television fix, sporting events are still incredibly popular – particularly here in the United Kingdom, on the other side of the Atlantic in the United States and right … Continued

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Blurring the lines between linear and non-linear

Just a few weeks before sitting down to write this, the news broke of Facebook Watch. It is “home to a wide range of shows, from reality to comedy to live sports”, according to Facebook. Harsher people than I might suggest that it is a challenge to YouTube: a single portal to access a huge … Continued

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What is Media Asset Management (MAM)?

When the Lumiére Brothers went out in 1896 and shot The Arrival of a Train, the first ever movie, I think it is fairly safe to say they wrote down what they had filmed and how they had shot it. They probably recorded the lens aperture and any camera settings, and maybe some exposure detail … Continued

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Should we be planning for Brexit?

If you are based in the UK, it is the one topic above all else that dominates political and economic discussion. If you are in Europe it is a major concern. Outside that group, you may be forgiven for asking what all the fuss is about the United Kingdom leaving a trading bloc. Whatever your … Continued

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What’s on TV? – Looking at the EPG

At the end of the working day I drag myself reluctantly away from my desk and, like almost all honest sons (and daughters!) of toil, I slump on the sofa in front of the television. There, the first thing I do is click on the TV Guide which presents me with a list of the … Continued

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What is broadcast management software?

Let me take you on an imaginary tour of a car factory. The production line is largely automated, with all the parts appearing at the right point and the right time to be fitted. Cars are spray painted by robots. Given that there might be several levels of trim and maybe a dozen colours offered … Continued

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Building confidence & developing ad-sales revenue without increased cost or complexity – is it really possible?

With the squeeze on traditional broadcast advertising brought about by the advent of “online” and the rise in on-demand services of all descriptions, a traditional broadcast TV station’s ability to command premium prices from big spending, big budget advertisers has decreased – and as a result ad-sales revenues have suffered. Naturally, this paradigm shift quickly … Continued

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