On Friday 24th June MSA Focus in association with systems integrator Advance Digital Tech Group Co Ltd (ADT) of Thailand, conducted a very successful seminar in Bangkok, Thailand.


Attended by over 100 delegates representing more than 20 organisations from throughout Thailand; the seminar was focussed on a discussion of the various challenges faced by broadcasters, Telco’s and other platform suppliers in today’s fluid and ever-changing market place, with a view to identifying key areas requisite to ensuring their broadcast services can be successfully supported and monetised.


Showcased as part of this seminar, and introduced to the Thai market for the first time, was MSA Focus’ latest Broadcast Management Solution: ForeTV Pulse.
The advanced functionality provided by ForeTV Pulse was demonstrated to a very appreciative audience, highlighting how ForeTV Pulse can assist broadcasters in streamlining their operations while increasing their revenue opportunities, thus bringing a new dimension to the Thai broadcast management marketplace.

The ease of use and intuitive toolsets within the product were commented on by many delegates, who also felt MSA Focus’ strong regional presence; a full development centre based in Kuala Lumpur and the proven track record of a company which has traded in Asia for over twenty years, would give them a secure and experienced partner with whom they could move forward.

“The seminar was very successful, right after the seminar we have been immediately approached by three TV stations and a few days later another two asking us to conduct a follow-up meeting and perform an in depth discussion and demonstrations at their places.”
– Supat, Managing Director of ADT “

“Our established Kuala Lumpur support and development centre and strong regional presence, puts MSA Focus in a robust position, as the provision of full, local 24/7 support to the Thailand market is something which seems to have been lacking from current suppliers”
– Martin Long, Operations Director with MSA Focus

MSA Focus offers path forward through Thai Seminar
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MSA Focus offers path forward through Thai Seminar
MSA Focus was delighted to attend, in association with systems integrator Advance Digital Tech Group Co Ltd (ADT) of Thailand, a broadcast seminar in Bangkok.
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MSA Focus
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