MSA Focus are excited to announce their 2nd Annual Asian Roadshow.

Following a very successful roadshow to Asia last year, which saw MSA Focus demonstrating its latest software innovations across a number of countries including: Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand via dedicated industry seminars, forum discussions and specific solution demonstrations, MSA Focus are pleased to announce dates for its 2017 roadshow.

This year MSA Focus will be hitting the road during the month of May to showcase its flagship solution ForeTV Pulse, with the roadshow culminating in attendance at Broadcast Asia in Singapore from the 23rd to 25th May.

The Asian market is a vibrant and fast-paced environment with many broadcasters looking to expand their output, improve efficiencies and maximise both their content and commercial impact. The rapid evolution and innovation within the Asian market is something that has both interested, excited and informed MSA Focus for a number of years; with previous trips and roadshows demonstrating how truly integrated, open and feature rich software solutions, such as ForeTV Pulse can provide measurable real world gains to broadcasters in the region, while also providing the necessarily adaptable platform required for an agile approach to expansion and the consolidation of presence. However, in addition to this and of equal importance to MSA Focus, are the insights and feedback gained from this immersion in the marketplace, which have led to an understanding of the truly dynamic nature of operations throughout the region and in many instances directly influenced the development of features and functionality now available and in some cases actually live and operational with Asia-Pacific broadcasters.

Alongside the showcase and demonstration of ForeTV Pulse to both existing and potential clients across the Asia-Pacific region, MSA Focus will also be discussing the requirements of and frustrations faced by broadcasters in the current climate. The team of industry experts from MSA Focus are currently scheduled to visit Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong and already have a number of exciting prospects lined up.

If you are interested in the team visiting your station to discuss and demonstrate the industry leading functionality and time saving toolsets available in ForeTV Pulse, please contact Mr LC Phua in our Kuala Lumpur office directly ( or the MSA Focus marketing department through this site by clicking “Get In Touch”.

We are looking forward to visiting the region and would be very happy to include you on our trip.

The MSA Focus Asian Roadshow 2017 will run throughout the month of May, culminating in attendance at Broadcast Asia in Singapore from the 23rd to 25th May.

MSA Focus Announces Asian Roadshow 2017
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MSA Focus Announces Asian Roadshow 2017
After a very successful roadshow across countries including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, MSA Focus are excited to announce their 2nd Annual Asian Roadshow.
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MSA Focus
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