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The Future of Broadcast Management

MSA Focus International Limited is one of the world's leading developers of Broadcast Management Systems with solutions successfully installed at client sites in at least 30 countries across four continents since 1988.

In a world of multiple revenue streams, where a broadcasters success is dependent on the ability to maximize efficiency, while embracing the latest consumer demands, delivery platforms and advertising models; the need for a scalable, efficient, flexible and dynamic broadcast management package is more important than ever.

Conceived with an eye firmly on the future of the sophisticated and constantly developing, media-centric world in which we now operate; ForeTV™, our next generation management solution, offers a consolidated approach to total schedule and revenue management for all types of TV delivery.

ForeTV™ covers the complete broadcast timeline; providing advanced tools for the full spectrum of linear and non-linear content acquisition and delivery along with commercial revenue and airtime management. These advanced tools along with ForeTV’s inherent multi-channel, region, time-zone and currency capabilities provide the ideal platform for broadcasters to streamline their existing operation and evolve to incorporate new revenue models and leverage emerging media delivery methods.

Providing efficient, integrated management applications to all organisations requiring sophisticated media management solutions
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